I like 1200 points. Here are is my current army idea

Back when I started in 5th edition, 2,000 points was the “standard” army size. Points inflation (both player and GW driven) have made it that 2,400 points (on the EU side of the Atlantic) or 2,500 points (on the other side) have become the norm. Mind you, the average 2,000 point army these days is probably bigger than the 5th edition one already.

In 6th and 7th I felt most at home playing around the 1,500 points mark. In 8th, I have to admit to not playing many larger games, but most enjoyment seemed to come from the 1,200 points size. The game feels a lot more fluid at that size. No huge death stars, and less popular choice seem to be able to influence the game more.

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Moved & internet is back, the next steps.

After moving apartments I have re-established my connection to that most vital fount of human information, the internet.

Being off-line for two weeks wasn’t all that bad though. I spent a few nights just sitting around at my desk, cleaning and assembling models, while listening to (not necessarily Warhammer related) podcasts. Enjoyable and relaxing. The cleaning and assembly is not going as fast as I would like, but it’s moving along, and that’s more than I have been able to say for quite a while.

I did some limited purchasing in the last months. I was able to get a new Island of Blood set on the cheap due to some unfortunate circumstances, and I’ve been looking at my previous IoB stuff with renewed interest. Something I might want to try is a Griffon mounted Noble in small games. Not the most competitive of choices, but a gorgeous figure and probably quite fun to use.

18093_md-Eldar, Farseer, Headquarters, Warhammer 40,000

Very much not painted by me

My choice of colour scheme is converging towards a consensus. I’m sticking with the white/red/gold as the main palette, but the green details might be replaced by purple. Less contrast, but it’s something that elves can pull off, as exemplified by this lovely Farseer painting by anticitizen13 on DakkaDakka. I’m still on the fence though.

So what’s next for me? I’ll keep on assembling. Of my fellow bloggers seems to have acquired a GW Battlemat, and seems keen to try it out. Challenge accepted.

I’m back! Now what?

I wanted a good idea to start an army.

I tried various things in the past. None sticked. Somehow I was not able to find that one “spark” that allowed me to get emotionally invested in, let’s face it, an expensive and time-consuming pursuit.


When “Uniforms & Heraldry of The High Elves” came out I grabbed it right away. I might be somewhat of a closeted historical wargamer, since having a “realistic” army appealed to me. Instead of limiting myself to one of the main Kingdoms, the books allows for one of the main “gates”, which are huge city-sized fortresses that can be found in the Annulii mountains. I settled on the Phoenix Gate (hence the name of the blog!). Here’s what the book has to say about it:

“The Phoenix Gate was well named, for over the course of its existence it has been reduced to rubble and rebuilt on several occasions. ”

“A great many of the Phoenix Gate’s soldiers are drawn from the Kingdom of Eataine, and they simply assume such woes to be part of Asuryan’s ineffable plan.”

“The archers of the Phoenix Gate traditionally hail from Caledor and Avelorn, and wear the greens and reds of those realms.”

Sounds good! I had Phoenix Guard, Dragon Princes & Sisters of Avelorn in mind for the backbone of the army, and this will do nicely. The red & gold (with some green details perhaps?) is a colour scheme I have experimented with in the past and looks quite nice. Finally, the grim brotherhood of doomed defenders angle seems really appealing somehow.

The Phoenix Gate it is then!

A Tale of One Gamer : The first 600 points

player1TSOTDAs previously mentioned, I do suffer from wargamer ADD. I think about this hobby way too often and every time I get a silly idea I drop what I’m doing and try to pursue my latest fancy. Different army list! Different painting scheme! Silly conversion idea! Different basing idea! Ooh 40k model! While this hobby is pretty much one of the few creative outlets for me at the moment at the end of the day, there should be something to show for it. And in this way, off course nothing ever properly materialises. I need to focus!

Remember those “Tale of X Gamers” articles that used to be published in White Dwarf, and which have spread to the internet since? The idea is that a group of people build up their armies gradually, one step at a time. This will be my very own “Tale of One Gamer”. The aim will be building a serviceable 2,400 points army in a reasonable amount of time, divided into “tranches” of 600 points. The nice thing is that I’ll be able to build up towards larger and larger games in a focussed manner. And might get something done finally.

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They’re here! High Elves, a first look


They’re finally here, the time has come! As this blog’s resident High Elves player I am morally obligated to share my thoughts on the new book. You’ll find many reviews about every different aspect all over the internet, so instead of spending a lot of time rambling on what has already been written (and probably better), I’ll instead give my personal impression of the new book.


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