Crisis @ Antwerp


Invasion of hundreds of thousands of miniature soldiers in Antwerp

1st of November, a Saturday. At Hangar 29 in the Antwerp harbour, the largest miniature convention in Belgium happened. Called Crisis, it focuses most on historical wargaming but it also serves as a meeting place for for Belgians, Dutchmen, Englishmen, Germans,… who love miniature gaming in general. New games, old games, weird and cool games, as long as we’re talking mini’s. Sadly, we didn’t have that much time (only two hours) before we had to leave for prior engagements but we still had a good time.

Some cool photos after the break!

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So it begins…

Welcome fellow Generals to our warhammer blog of incredible importance! Together we return to hasten the demise of our foes… And non-high elves too. Once more we shall rule the mightiest battlefields of plastic soldiers!

I’m Dourin

Ha-ha, welcome one and all, but mostly the Dwarfs of course! I’m kidding, everyone is welcome. Except grobi. Stay out. I mean it! Being a Dwarf General from the day I got into Warhammer (it was a choice between Lizzies and Dwarfs, and lets be honest, that’s no choice at all.) I’ve done my fair share of casual and tournament play. Lately though I’ve been getting more into the background of it all, writing the background of my own hold, Karak Wyr or the Ice Hold, way up in the Grey Mountains. In this blog, I’ll be talking my painting adventures, my battles to avenge grudges and other miscellaneous stuff having to do with Warhammer. So until then, have a pint on Daeron’s tab, the pointy eared git. 😉

I’m Daeron

I’m the dark-ish, elf-ish, evil-ish, old-ish, odd part of the pair. Sporting 31 summers, being father of a terrific kid and maintaining a chateau (it just looks like a house), I’m a busy man who spends the last hour of each day making plastic bits conquer the world. I’ll be blogging about Warhammer! A real surprise there. I’ll try to share my misadventures through:

  • Battle reports
  • Pictures of painted minis
  • Pictures of the most fascinating wargame terrain imaginable… sort of
  • Managing the hobby… because we have to
  • Theoryhammering to infinity

About the latter… I enjoy and perform a great deal of theorycrafting as well as bit of programming. Quite likely, I’ll be combining both in building calculation and simulation tools to explore different aspects of the game.

Dourin and Daeron

Blog under construction

Greetings hobbyists, Warhammer fanatics and visitors!

The Furnace of Arcana is a new blog regarding the Warhammer Fantasy Battle hobby. Currently the blog is under construction and we are in full preparation of both blog and its first articles. We aim to launch the blog in mid October.

Our main hosts and writers for the blog will be Dourin, a die hard Dwarf and Dark Elf player, and Daeron, a fairly new face on the battlefield of Warhammer.
Up and coming topics on the blog will include:

  1. Choosing the right paints
  2. Magnetizing bases
  3. Latest paint work done
  4. Our experiences in the hobby
  5. Getting a brief look on the odds of dice rolls
  6. The performance of some troops in battle

And much, much more. Do check out our blog in the coming weeks for updates and a final launch date.

Happy gaming!

Dourin and Daeron