These were the End Times. Here comes the Age of Sigmar

tumblr_nqwupePtOM1qcajqko3_1280Warhammer Age of Sigmar was released a little over a month ago, and it has taken me some time to collect my thoughts. One podcast I listen to used the word “bipolar” to describe their reaction, and I feel that it is an appropriate word to use for what I’ve felt. Sad that the Warhammer I loved was gone. Angry that the world I had come to know so well had been canned. Confused on what we could expect in the future. Intrigued by the new world that is there to explore. Delighted by the new miniatures that had come out. In awe of the new artwork being produced. UnsureĀ about what this meant for me. And so on. So what is the verdict? Continue reading

I blame End Times (just like the rest of the internet).

elves2The last two months have been filled with a lot of Warhammer, although that has not left much time to actually spend time doing Warhammer. Allow me to explain.

It’s actually all Tyrion’s fault.


Whatever one might think of the End Times, it has certainly revitalised interest in Warhammer Fantasy. Whether this will be start of something more sustainable or the merely the last hurrah of a once great game system remains to be seen. I for one have been enjoying the books tremendously. To say that the changes to the Elven armies has been dramatic is somewhat of an understatement. Fortunately, my army concept is not invalidated by the new developments, and continues to make sense fluff wise.

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A little paint and a touch of dip

I had my first actual week of leave (as in, where I wasn’t doing other work) in more than a year, and it was amazing.

One of the things I did was experiment a bit with a way of batch painting which will help getting a semblance of an army ready before 9th hits. For this I tried some of the Army Painter stuff which most of you will probably be familiar with and did some testing.

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I like 1200 points. Here are is my current army idea

Back when I started in 5th edition, 2,000 points was the “standard” army size. Points inflation (both player and GW driven) have made it that 2,400 points (on the EU side of the Atlantic) or 2,500 points (on the other side) have become the norm. Mind you, the average 2,000 point army these days is probably bigger than the 5th edition one already.

In 6th and 7th I felt most at home playing around the 1,500 points mark. In 8th, I have to admit to not playing many larger games, but most enjoyment seemed to come from the 1,200 points size. The game feels a lot more fluid at that size. No huge death stars, and less popular choice seem to be able to influence the game more.

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