The Dark Elf painting guide review

With G.W.’s new website, they managed to highlight some of their digital books, better than on the old website. And so I budged and decided to give the Dark Elf painting book a go. I took some time thinking if I’d risk buying a single model’s guide first, or go for the complete set right away.

Eventually I decided to buy the big book, thinking it would make more sense than buying the small books individually.

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Raiders, Pirates, Ravagers of the World!

PirateSo I’m in a hobby and immersion mood lately. As such, I seek ways to play a styled or themed army to fit a storyline that I could fit into my army’s fluff or attempts to expand. And what better place to start than with raiding?

So strap on your boots mateys! Load up that Repeater Crossbow.. or Handbow.. or peg leg gun! We’ve got some pillaging ahead of us! We’ll steal all their treasures, enslave their husbands and consume the wenches. Well, if we’re into that kind of thing.

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Daeron’s Two Tower list

Two towers

When I first glanced through the Dark Elf army book, I was quite enthusiastic about the ability to take Witch Elves as a core choice. Combined with Executioners as the special, elite infantry, this would make it possible and perhaps viable to make a Temple of Khaine list. A Cauldron of Blood would be essential to the list and the synergy with the Witch Elves is implied in both rules and model show cases. Looking at other players who used these three building blocks as a corner stone of their army, I learned there is need for another Large target and there is one that works well with the Executioners: a Bloodwrack Shrine. The combination of these two units, each with their “tower” has been given a name: a Two Towers list. This is my take on it.

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The LoL of Dark Magic


Dear readers and other unfortunates, this will be a rant post. But it will be a righteous rant!

The new Dark Elf armybook contains a most ridiculous magic lore, a slanted text that is awful beyond reason. It is an insult to italics.

Once upon a time, the very description of Dark Magic spells would strike fear in the hearts of mortals. But no more!

Now the lore can only bring joy and laughter in the hearts of mortals and perhaps only Slaneesh still bothers with the sentiment one experiences over our new spells.

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