The Dark Elf Warlock model

Doomfire Warlocks

After the infantry, comes the cavalry. The kit I built the past week is the new Warlock kit. I believe many Dark Elf players will join me in a sigh of relief at obtaining a new Dark Rider model. The old kit was fairly simple and to the point, but I wasn’t fond of the kit. The heavy metal rider on a light plastic horse made the model unbalanced. The horses had hard-to-break-but-terrible-to-fix tails… and their poses betray that were secretly stolen from an old Carousel. So I more than welcomed, and eagerly bought, the new model!

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The Dark Elf Executioner model


The new victims of my construction frenzy are the beloved Executioners. The new model has been recieved with mixed reactions. On one hand, a dual kit for Executioners and Black Guards had been many Dark Elf’s wet dream. When the models arrived, people had opinions… on the skulls… on the blades… on their style. Oddly enough, there’s few pictures of other hobbyists on the model, or how they experienced building and painting the models. So let’s see what the new kit delivers for ourselves!

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Back with Looott!!



I’m getting back into the hobby and what better to spark the flame of the hobby with new loot? Two weeks back, the local gaming store called to say my order arrived. That is my new year’s order… And so my late Christmas present finally arrived! I put on some extra sail and went straight for the shop! I was delayed for two weeks due to commitments to my family. But then I went straight for the shop!

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