Battlefleet Gothic: The Mechanicus Arrive!

Another update: I’ve (almost) completed my Adeptus Mechanicus Cruiser. I went with the standard painting scheme, the AdMech are suckers for standardisation… and if you don’t buy that argument I’m sure I’ll come up with another one. In any case, I consider this to be tabletop ready although i could benefit from detailling. I’ll have to see how far I’m willing to take this but at the moment, I’m happy with it.


2013-08-14 17.04.572013-08-14 17.04.50


More progress as it happens!

Battlefleet Gothic: Chaos Fleet

Quick blog post: I’ve been steadily progressing these last days/weeks.

Here’s my initial chaos fleet, two Murder Class Cruiser, a Slaughter Class Cruiser and a Styx Class Cruiser. I have six more chaos ships from a lot that I bought, so far I haven’t decided yet to turn them into more ships of the same fleet, perhaps try my hand at sculpting some nurgle ships or even turning a few of them into Imperial Navy reserve ships. I also have a ton of escort vessels as well so expect to see them in the future.

2013-08-14 17.05.31

2013-08-14 17.05.41


More progress as it happens!

Painting the Dread Fleet

dreadfleet-review-gameplay-impressions-05¬†Ahoy ya landlubbers, scallywags and other seabound no gooders! It’s time to break out the painting brushes once again but this time we’ll be painting the contents of the Dread Fleet box, the standalone sea combat game that Games Workshop released a few years ago.

I’ve always been partial to the man o’war game. Although I never got around to playing it, mainly due to a lack of players in my area when I was just little beardling, I liked the rules and the models a lot. With the release of Dreadfleet, I quickly preordered my copy. Sadly, as with most of these kind of things, it ends up collecting dust somewhere (that reminds me, I should find my Battlefleet Gothic box as well and finish painting all those ships). In any case, I’ve decided that next weekend I’ll finally give playing this a try. Therefor, it’s high time (dare I say, high tide? Ok, I’ll stop now) I started painting!

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Painting the Bugman’s forum mini

Back in 2011 a few members of the Bugmans Brewery forum (the best virtual brewery this side of the Old World, shameless plug) decided to organise a Grudge Match event at Warhammer World. Two sides, two armies that have repeatedly clashed throughout Warhammer History would fight it out in Nottingham with the winner taking all the glory and the loser all the shame.

Since this was a Brewery initiative, one of the first armies that would participate would be the Dwarfs. Finding an ancestral enemy to fight wasn’t that hard either. Sure, greenskins or skaven made for good choices but nothing epitomised true dwarfish grudgebearing like the War of Vengeance or the War of the Beard. And so the scene was set for a present day recreation of one of the largest battles of the war, the final or 16th Siege of Tor Alessi.

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