Lore of Death: first hands-on experiences

lore of deathAs I start to explore the new wonders of the Cold One Knight, I felt it was a good time to try a new Lore which could work well in tandem with the unit. I picked Lore of Death.

And what have I learned? Well.. It’s not bad. But I fail to see what the buzz is all about… so far! Never the less, it has given some interesting experiences and some first lessons learned.


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Lore of Metal : A High Elf Perspective

lore of metalGreetings! Today I’d like to discuss something of which I’ve become a big fan of as of late, namely the Lore of Metal. High Elves are spoilt when it comes to choosing their magic deck. Not only do they have access to all 8 rulebook lores, they also have their own proprietary magic school, as benefits the unquestioned masters of the magical arts (hush, Mr. Slann, nobody likes you anyway).


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The plastic armies

Angels! Angels!In between the battles with friends, I’m occasionally graced with the honor to battle a player from the local store. Now there’s a recurring theme about these battles: my opponent tends to be around half my age and own half an army.

I gracefully present them my improvised, or not so improvised army list of equivalent point size, twice the financial budget and end up tabling them (unless the dice gods decided differently). But there is no sweet taste of victory. There are no angels coming down from the skies to rain golden flakes on me and sing lovely tunes. And that won’t do.

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Meditations on High Elf army lists

M1310492a_Art_of_Warhammer_High_Elves_P1Mb4XLThere is nothing wrong with buying, assembling, and painting models all willy-nilly but having a long term plan in mind is never a bad idea. Lately, I found myself playing somewhat larger games, around 1500 points, and it always amazed me how I never quite had the models I wanted to make an army list work. The aim of this post is to write down a rough list of models that can form the basis of various 2400 point High Elf army lists, each different enough to give  a different play experience but similar enough to start from the same model collection.

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