Battlefleet Gothic: Rogue Traders

Some more progress on the BFG/RT front. a2bd6a14cea5b1386c7522badc4d684aI’ve started painted a few of the civilian ships to model as Rogue Trader ships and/or system defense ships. For these models, I went for the Koronus Expanse look ie the red prow with gold trimmings and a purple/grey body. I mainly based it on this piece of artwork. I really liked the fact that, although it is clearly based on a military ship, it has been extensively converted, rebuilt and redesigned to function as a Rogue Trader’s flag ship.


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Battlefleet Gothic: Cruiser Squadron ready

A (not as) quick (a) post: My first ships that so far have been updated.

Originally, years back when I bought the BFG boxed set, I went with the simple green and of-white colour scheme from the rulebook. It looked pretty good and easy to do and some simple drybrushing later, I had the workings of a decent starter fleet. Although I did give the game a try and liked it, I was focusing more on warhammer fantasy and the game started to gather dust. Now, years later with my new interest in Rogue Trader, my love for spaceship combat has been rekindled as well.

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Into The Expanse We Go

I have a confession to make. Lately I haven’t been as busy with warhammer as I had thought I would be. It’s not for a lack of projects, by Grungni, no! I still have my Thunderbarge to finish – project has been stalled due to design issues, more on that in a later blogpost -, I have a Forgeworld Carmine Dragon to paint (in fact I have two of those), a newly bought Cockatrice, a zombie dragon I promised to paint for a friend of mine… So many projects, so little time.

And on top of that, I’ve been making incursions into another… sector would be the correct word. More to the point, I’ve been enamored by Rogue Trader, the rpg by Fantasy Flight, the same company that has released Dark Heresy (taken over from Black Industries), Only War, Black Crusade and Deathwatch. I bought the book at one of my local game stores and immediately fell in love with the setting. I mean, the very idea that you get to control a frigging SPACE SHIP and just aim it and go wherever you like. I practically started drooling. Ok, there I said it. Perhaps a modest amount of paper towels were needed to clean up the mess. Perhaps even a change of pants.

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