The End Times have come


It seems that The End Times are upon us, and that Warhammer will never be the same again..

Marketing hype, or something more? I remain sceptical of these types of announcements, being a veteran of Storm of Chaos, and after seeing the odd treatment that Warhammer Forge got. But even this grizzled old heart could not help but get curious, intrigued, and in the end enthused.

So was it worth it?

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We are the Sons of Grungni!

Finally it has arrived! After years of rumours, proposed release dates getting put back further and further, supposed ruleleaks, rule rumour discussions turning into wishlisting and doommongering, the joy of a new armybook on the way, the fear to lose everything that made it what Dwarfs are, crying, shouting, laughing, grudging, brooding,… after all that, it finally came out.

Saturday 15th of February 2014, the Dwarfs once again marched to war. Time to look at the changes.

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I’m back! Now what?

I wanted a good idea to start an army.

I tried various things in the past. None sticked. Somehow I was not able to find that one “spark” that allowed me to get emotionally invested in, let’s face it, an expensive and time-consuming pursuit.


When “Uniforms & Heraldry of The High Elves” came out I grabbed it right away. I might be somewhat of a closeted historical wargamer, since having a “realistic” army appealed to me. Instead of limiting myself to one of the main Kingdoms, the books allows for one of the main “gates”, which are huge city-sized fortresses that can be found in the Annulii mountains. I settled on the Phoenix Gate (hence the name of the blog!). Here’s what the book has to say about it:

“The Phoenix Gate was well named, for over the course of its existence it has been reduced to rubble and rebuilt on several occasions. ”

“A great many of the Phoenix Gate’s soldiers are drawn from the Kingdom of Eataine, and they simply assume such woes to be part of Asuryan’s ineffable plan.”

“The archers of the Phoenix Gate traditionally hail from Caledor and Avelorn, and wear the greens and reds of those realms.”

Sounds good! I had Phoenix Guard, Dragon Princes & Sisters of Avelorn in mind for the backbone of the army, and this will do nicely. The red & gold (with some green details perhaps?) is a colour scheme I have experimented with in the past and looks quite nice. Finally, the grim brotherhood of doomed defenders angle seems really appealing somehow.

The Phoenix Gate it is then!

World Building – The Story of a Karak

For almost every wargamer, the choice of an army ties in heavily with its background, lore, history, overall character of the race. So, like most of you, I started thinking about a possible background when I opened my first box of Dwarfs. Playing around with the idea of using a GW hold or coming up with my own I quickly chose to use my own. The advantage of course is that it allows for a lot more freedom. I decided to choose the location of my hold on the armies that my friends were playing. But since most of my friends either played Dark Elves or High Elves that was going to be a bit hard. Luckily, back then, another friend (that since then has already quit) started playing as well and choose Wood Elves.

With Wood Elves having a fixed location as well, for the most part, that made the choice a bit easier. In the end I settled on a Karak Nornesque kind of background with my hold situated in the Grey Mountains.The name itself I choose while looking through a copy of Stone & Steel: I came upon ‘Wyr’ which means snowy/white/ice, a word that is simple and yet easy to use as a symbol. So Karak Wyr will be situated in the Grey Mountains overlooking Athel Loren to the south!

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