The End Times have come


It seems that The End Times are upon us, and that Warhammer will never be the same again..

Marketing hype, or something more? I remain sceptical of these types of announcements, being a veteran of Storm of Chaos, and after seeing the odd treatment that Warhammer Forge got. But even this grizzled old heart could not help but get curious, intrigued, and in the end enthused.

So was it worth it?

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The Dark Elf painting guide review

With G.W.’s new website, they managed to highlight some of their digital books, better than on the old website. And so I budged and decided to give the Dark Elf painting book a go. I took some time thinking if I’d risk buying a single model’s guide first, or go for the complete set right away.

Eventually I decided to buy the big book, thinking it would make more sense than buying the small books individually.

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The Dark Elf Warlock model

Doomfire Warlocks

After the infantry, comes the cavalry. The kit I built the past week is the new Warlock kit. I believe many Dark Elf players will join me in a sigh of relief at obtaining a new Dark Rider model. The old kit was fairly simple and to the point, but I wasn’t fond of the kit. The heavy metal rider on a light plastic horse made the model unbalanced. The horses had hard-to-break-but-terrible-to-fix tails… and their poses betray that were secretly stolen from an old Carousel. So I more than welcomed, and eagerly bought, the new model!

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