Blog under construction

Greetings hobbyists, Warhammer fanatics and visitors!

The Furnace of Arcana is a new blog regarding the Warhammer Fantasy Battle hobby. Currently the blog is under construction and we are in full preparation of both blog and its first articles. We aim to launch the blog in mid October.

Our main hosts and writers for the blog will be Dourin, a die hard Dwarf and Dark Elf player, and Daeron, a fairly new face on the battlefield of Warhammer.
Up and coming topics on the blog will include:

  1. Choosing the right paints
  2. Magnetizing bases
  3. Latest paint work done
  4. Our experiences in the hobby
  5. Getting a brief look on the odds of dice rolls
  6. The performance of some troops in battle

And much, much more. Do check out our blog in the coming weeks for updates and a final launch date.

Happy gaming!

Dourin and Daeron