Dimetrius reviews : Betrayer by Aaron Dembski-Bowden

BetrayerSince I have hardly achieved any hobby progress over the last few weeks I figured I would write about something that I did find the time for, Black Library’s latest Horus Heresy book, Betrayer by the esteemed Aaron Dembski-Bowden (mercifully known as ADB on the internet). I was a relative latecomer to the Horus Heresy party, having only started reading them sometime last year. I quickly made up for lost time however, which means that whenever the new instalment comes out I quickly and voraciously consume it. So, how does Betrayer measure up against the previous books?

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Turning the shield wall into a killing machine 3

Picking up where we last left of.

I’ve steadily been working on my little spiky death machine horde unit. Working with an assembly line sure is efficient – there is something to be said of repeating the same task over and over and over and over and over –  but by Grungni is it boring.

There are various different things that need to be done though. The 40 strong unit was originally  made up of two different units both with subtle differences with regards to how they were painted. The first 20 are the very first models I ever painted so they are (or were) poorly highlighted,  amongst other things as I started painted for the first time. The later unit or units were painted with more experience and in a more uniform style which forms the basis for how I’m painting them now.

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Choosing the right magnets for your bases

Magnetising bases of our rank and file troops has become a popular method to help our troops stick together in battle. Some players may even use it to facilitate transport from battlefield to battlefield. And some players go as far as using magnets to make their mini’s modular. Imagine changing the weapons of your dreadnaught or tank on the fly! Or to piece together your dragon, but remain able to take down the wings, tails and heads for transport.

The popularity of these methods has spawned a fair share of “how tos” and guides, but few of these actually cover different approaches. Many reviewers (like me) tend to buy only one brand.. so how does one choose the right magnet?

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