Lore of Metal : A High Elf Perspective

lore of metalGreetings! Today I’d like to discuss something of which I’ve become a big fan of as of late, namely the Lore of Metal. High Elves are spoilt when it comes to choosing their magic deck. Not only do they have access to all 8 rulebook lores, they also have their own proprietary magic school, as benefits the unquestioned masters of the magical arts (hush, Mr. Slann, nobody likes you anyway).


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Into The Wide Blue Yonder – The Skyhammer

gallery_1306_643_141555In today’s post, we’ll be looking at a project that I’ve been working on for a while now. In fact, two years have come and gone since I started on this. I had originally just put some Styrofoam sheets together, glued them together with some pva-glue and just let my imagination run wild. The idea was to go for a monitor class of steamboat, something that would go well with my Dreadnought class steamship project that I had started earlier. But somewhere along the way, the project took on a life of its own.

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The plastic armies

Angels! Angels!In between the battles with friends, I’m occasionally graced with the honor to battle a player from the local store. Now there’s a recurring theme about these battles: my opponent tends to be around half my age and own half an army.

I gracefully present them my improvised, or not so improvised army list of equivalent point size, twice the financial budget and end up tabling them (unless the dice gods decided differently). But there is no sweet taste of victory. There are no angels coming down from the skies to rain golden flakes on me and sing lovely tunes. And that won’t do.

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