Customer ethics and Warhammer

When spending our hard earned money on this crazy hobby of plastic soldiers, we are blessed with a choice in store selection, deals and more. Warhammer may not be the most expensive hobby, but it certainly isn’t a cheap one either. Games Workshop’s price strategy has left quite a few hobbyists wondering about the future…
It’s understandable that, in turn, people choose the cheapest offer they can find. But a “cheaper” product often means less effort is being spent in selling the product or the hobby itself. On one hand, I think it’s sound logic to stick to the basics. But on the other hand, it’s the shops and online communities that put in effort to keep the hobby going and provide us a good deal of fun with the hobby.

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itunesThe imminent release of the new High Elves and a new job have somewhat stalled my hobby progress over the last few weeks. I did some assembly work, and tested some more colour schemes, but not there really isn’t anything worth blogging about. My main Warhammer fix has come from listening to podcasts, so what can I write about?

Wait a minute….

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Whispers from Khorne

Mark of Khorne!The Daemons of Chaos book is out, and the local store proudly presented the book on its shelves. After a few games on a nearby table, I couldn’t stop glancing at the book. It almost glowed to me. The daemonic whispers echoed in my ears “buy the book! buy the book!”. How can one resist such adorable little voices?

When Dimetrius (it’s his fault really) twittered some thoughts for a small Tzeentch list, I couldn’t stop getting ideas for small lists of my own. With a quick glance at the “one-click” deals from Games-Workshop, I too mused the idea of making small, monotheistic lists, designed for a quick game. After a good read of the Lore, I decided to handle one deity at a time, starting with Khorne.

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