Daeron’s Two Tower list

Two towers

When I first glanced through the Dark Elf army book, I was quite enthusiastic about the ability to take Witch Elves as a core choice. Combined with Executioners as the special, elite infantry, this would make it possible and perhaps viable to make a Temple of Khaine list. A Cauldron of Blood would be essential to the list and the synergy with the Witch Elves is implied in both rules and model show cases. Looking at other players who used these three building blocks as a corner stone of their army, I learned there is need for another Large target and there is one that works well with the Executioners: a Bloodwrack Shrine. The combination of these two units, each with their “tower” has been given a name: a Two Towers list. This is my take on it.

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The LoL of Dark Magic


Dear readers and other unfortunates, this will be a rant post. But it will be a righteous rant!

The new Dark Elf armybook contains a most ridiculous magic lore, a slanted text that is awful beyond reason. It is an insult to italics.

Once upon a time, the very description of Dark Magic spells would strike fear in the hearts of mortals. But no more!

Now the lore can only bring joy and laughter in the hearts of mortals and perhaps only Slaneesh still bothers with the sentiment one experiences over our new spells.

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The Dark Elf Warlock model

Doomfire Warlocks

After the infantry, comes the cavalry. The kit I built the past week is the new Warlock kit. I believe many Dark Elf players will join me in a sigh of relief at obtaining a new Dark Rider model. The old kit was fairly simple and to the point, but I wasn’t fond of the kit. The heavy metal rider on a light plastic horse made the model unbalanced. The horses had hard-to-break-but-terrible-to-fix tails… and their poses betray that were secretly stolen from an old Carousel. So I more than welcomed, and eagerly bought, the new model!

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Moved & internet is back, the next steps.

After moving apartments I have re-established my connection to that most vital fount of human information, the internet.

Being off-line for two weeks wasn’t all that bad though. I spent a few nights just sitting around at my desk, cleaning and assembling models, while listening to (not necessarily Warhammer related) podcasts. Enjoyable and relaxing. The cleaning and assembly is not going as fast as I would like, but it’s moving along, and that’s more than I have been able to say for quite a while.

I did some limited purchasing in the last months. I was able to get a new Island of Blood set on the cheap due to some unfortunate circumstances, and I’ve been looking at my previous IoB stuff with renewed interest. Something I might want to try is a Griffon mounted Noble in small games. Not the most competitive of choices, but a gorgeous figure and probably quite fun to use.

18093_md-Eldar, Farseer, Headquarters, Warhammer 40,000

Very much not painted by me

My choice of colour scheme is converging towards a consensus. I’m sticking with the white/red/gold as the main palette, but the green details might be replaced by purple. Less contrast, but it’s something that elves can pull off, as exemplified by this lovely Farseer painting by anticitizen13 on DakkaDakka. I’m still on the fence though.

So what’s next for me? I’ll keep on assembling. Of my fellow bloggers seems to have acquired a GW Battlemat, and seems keen to try it out. Challenge accepted.