A little paint and a touch of dip

I had my first actual week of leave (as in, where I wasn’t doing other work) in more than a year, and it was amazing.

One of the things I did was experiment a bit with a way of batch painting which will help getting a semblance of an army ready before 9th hits. For this I tried some of the Army Painter stuff which most of you will probably be familiar with and did some testing.

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The Dark Elf painting guide review

With G.W.’s new website, they managed to highlight some of their digital books, better than on the old website. And so I budged and decided to give the Dark Elf painting book a go. I took some time thinking if I’d risk buying a single model’s guide first, or go for the complete set right away.

Eventually I decided to buy the big book, thinking it would make more sense than buying the small books individually.

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Raiders, Pirates, Ravagers of the World!

PirateSo I’m in a hobby and immersion mood lately. As such, I seek ways to play a styled or themed army to fit a storyline that I could fit into my army’s fluff or attempts to expand. And what better place to start than with raiding?

So strap on your boots mateys! Load up that Repeater Crossbow.. or Handbow.. or peg leg gun! We’ve got some pillaging ahead of us! We’ll steal all their treasures, enslave their husbands and consume the wenches. Well, if we’re into that kind of thing.

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I like 1200 points. Here are is my current army idea

Back when I started in 5th edition, 2,000 points was the “standard” army size. Points inflation (both player and GW driven) have made it that 2,400 points (on the EU side of the Atlantic) or 2,500 points (on the other side) have become the norm. Mind you, the average 2,000 point army these days is probably bigger than the 5th edition one already.

In 6th and 7th I felt most at home playing around the 1,500 points mark. In 8th, I have to admit to not playing many larger games, but most enjoyment seemed to come from the 1,200 points size. The game feels a lot more fluid at that size. No huge death stars, and less popular choice seem to be able to influence the game more.

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