Forwards, for Emperor and Imperium!

Imperial EagleWhile I’ve never played a game so far, warhammer 40,000 holds a special place on my bookshelfs. The vast scope of that universe, the millions of planets and battlefields, the billions upon billions of men dying every day just to guarantee the status quo,… it all speaks to me in tongues of bolter fire and plasma grenades. And what better place to start collecting an army for 40k than Space Marines! These 3 meter tall, power armour-clad human demi-gods of war are the epitome of warfare. To that end, I present to you, the 5th Company of the Imperial Sons!

The Colour scheme

For the colour scheme, I played around with various colours until I settled for an Emperor’s Children-like scheme, with a strong purple offset with black shoulderpads. I’ve been a fan of the EC-scheme for a long time now and with the only other space marine chapter that features a purple scheme being the Soul Drinkers (part of a longer series by Black Library), yet another chapter that turned to chaos, I was hesitant to paint mine in purple. It seems that every chapter that wears the Imperial Purple is doomed to fall to Chaos! However, upon closer analysis, the Emperor’s Children and the Soul Drinkers seem to share the bone/white shoulderpads as well, so it’s obvious that it’s the white that is responsible for their falling, not the purple. So purple it is!

But even with the decision to go with purple taken, I still faced a few daunting challenges. What kind of purple? The darker kind of purple, the lighter kind? In between? A white undercoat, a black one? I tried a lot of different kinds before I ended up with something half decent. I used my GW airbrush facsimile to try and get a few models basecoated at the same time, but ran into other problems.

The different kinds of purple I used. In the end I settled with a basecoat of Liche purple and washes of Xereus.

The different kinds of purple I used. In the end I settled with a basecoat of Liche purple and washes of Xereus.

I bought the GW airbrush gun a while ago to experiment with spraying on a basecoat as opposed to painting my models one at a time. And I must say, while it isn’t easy to handle, it does work. Multiple smaller coats are key however and ample time to dry in between, otherwise the runny paint will just ruin your models.

The test model also taught me not to make my highlights too pronounced. Subtlety is the key. So for my next models I went very soft on the highlights, letting most of the contrast come from my nuln oil washes and some blacklining.

Brother Testus, first of the Imperial Sons.

… and the result. Behold, Brother Testus, first of the Imperial Sons.

The colour scheme I settled on...

The colour scheme I settled on…

The Captain

So, with the undercoat chosen (white), the purples as well, Liche and Xereus, and a test model done, it’s time to present to you Captain Adrantes of the 5th Company Imperial Sons.

2014-12-13 11.30.25

Heroic pose, striking fear in the hearts of the enemy!


2014-12-13 16.00.20

Leading from the front, it will dirty your cloak.








Painting this guy was really fun. Firstly, the power sword was a nice challenge. Wetblending or even blending in general isn’t something I’m good at but with the release of the Grey Knights a while back, tutorials for painting power swords sprung up. Looking at it, I can say that for a first try, this one isn’t half bad.

For the base, I wanted something simple and effective. Agrellan Earth, one of the newer technical paints does exactly that. Apply it fairly thickly on the base and it will dry up with a crackly finish, simulating dried out earth. Just add a dab of flock and presto! Done!

The missing heraldry/iconography

What is still missing is the chapter symbol. Since they’re called the Imperial Sons, I’m leaning towards eagles (yet again the influence of the Emperor’s Children? ). The main advantage would be that I wouldn’t have to freehand every chapter symbol on every shoulderpad, I could just use decals. Secondly, I could “recycle” my models if I were to ever get into the Horus Heresy game and use them as possible loyalist ECs. But that’s all stuff for the future.

For Emperor and Imperium!



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