I blame End Times (just like the rest of the internet).

elves2The last two months have been filled with a lot of Warhammer, although that has not left much time to actually spend time doing Warhammer. Allow me to explain.

It’s actually all Tyrion’s fault.


Whatever one might think of the End Times, it has certainly revitalised interest in Warhammer Fantasy. Whether this will be start of something more sustainable or the merely the last hurrah of a once great game system remains to be seen. I for one have been enjoying the books tremendously. To say that the changes to the Elven armies has been dramatic is somewhat of an understatement. Fortunately, my army concept is not invalidated by the new developments, and continues to make sense fluff wise.

The daemonic skill of GW marketing has led me to purchase an unreasonable amount of High Elven characters. One fortunate observation was that the quality of Finecast has improved rather dramatically, which makes spending the obscene amount of money somewhat more palatable. I am now in a position where I honestly have almost all the High Elves I could ever want (perhaps a box of Hobbit Eagles might still be required…), but the evil ways of the wizards of Nottingham have caused me the eye the product pages of Elves of the more sylvan and tenebrous variety.

Seeing as I have recovered somewhat from my disgust at facing mould lines, I have taken it upon myself to assemble the models I currently have. This in itself is non-trivial undertaking, and I do hope to get it done by the end of my leave that is coming up. Realistically, painting models before using them for gaming is not a smart strategy for me, and I do hope to get some games in before the dreaded 9th is upon us.

In a forthcoming post, I will try to take some presentable pictures to show off my current collection, and a little side project that has recently caught my fancy. Until then!

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