Vacation! Hobby challenge.

Finally! Some vacation time. Time to get one big thing off my todo list hobby wise.

Over the last few months I went on a bit of hobby splurge. Purchase wise that is.

Exhibit A

Exhibit A

My promise to myself was that I wouldn’t buy additional things before I, at least, got all the models I currently own cleaned and built. This seems like an easy task, but anyone who has assembled the older High Elf plastics lately will tell you that removing mould lines from a single Silver Helms takes, on average, longer than for a motivated young man to learn basic conversational Sanskrit.

This means that on my todo list for the next week and a half I have to assemble:

8 Silver Helms (boo)
20 White Lions (should be ok?)
20 Phoenix Guard (gnnnnn ranking up!!!)
3 Chariots (likely 2 lion ones and 1 additional Tiranoc one).
2 Bolt Throwers (quick wins!)
Skycutter Chariot (for giggles)
10 Shadow Warriors
5 additional Sisters of Avevlorn
Phoenix (Frosty I guess)

Ambitious, I know! But I’m motivated. And if you’re wondering, they’ll be on square bases dammit!

One thought on “Vacation! Hobby challenge.

  1. It’s great to see you back in action, and with modelling no less. That’s an impressive amount of new figures! Fun times!
    And quite an ambitious project ­čÖé

    I recently assembled a unit of 30 Dark Elf spearmen, the 6th edition model. Nothing makes you appreciate the quality of G.W.’s new model ranges more than a trip through memory lane. It took me many painful hours trying to complete the regiment and I haven’t even done the shields!

    Good luck with the silverhelms.

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