I painted a sorceress!

Sorceress - finishedI have been spamming some painting progress reports around but it’s been a while since I actually completed something. So I thought I’d show off my latest work! A sorceress! I confess she may not be the best looking paint job ever, but I dare you to tell her that.

Never the less this is probably the paintjob I enjoyed the most so far.

The skin!

The model is basically made of hair, skin and some small attributes. This is partly what makes the model a lot of fun to paint: simply by painting the skin, the whole model comes to life as “most” of the model is painted in a single step.

Originally, I was aiming to prime her white, then apply washes to the skin until the right depth of colour was attained. I had even bought the white primer. By the time I wanted to actualy apply the primer, I realized I’d have a nightmare to paint the hair black again… It would probably prove more difficult than trying to paint her skin pale again.

So I primer her with chaos black. I lacked a fleshierpaler basecoat paint. I didn’t want to take my chances with the wrong paint and decided to stick to my old and proven skin recipe:

  1. Prime black
  2. Basecoat of Tau Light Ochre
  3. Agrax Earthshade wash
  4. Bestigor Flesh for depth and skin tone
  5. Kislev Flesh to brighten the skin and first highlights
  6. Ushabti bone for the final highlights

Here are the results.

I’m fairly happy with the skin, but the excessive amount of layers did make the result a bit “grainy”… in spite of watering down the paint. I should try to improve my coats by making the paint slightly thinner, or perhaps by cutting a layer or two in the process.

Still it was a blast to do. Because such a large portion of the model is skin, the model comes to life really quick with just a few layers of paint.

The rest

The rest of the paintwork takes about as much work as the skin and preparations itself. It only took two days to finish the model.

  • The cloth in front is done with Enchanted blue, Drakenhof Nightshade wash, mid-tone with a mixture of Enchanted Blue and Lothern Blue, highlighted with Lothern Blue and washed with a Guillemon Blue glaze.
  • For the bra’s I tried G.W.s recipe for brass (heh heh), but highlighted with gold and runefang silver. I hoped to achieve a less detailed, but similar effect to the ‘Eavy Metal’s scheme. It didn’t work so well, and all I got was a gradient, but I still enjoy the result.
  • Originally I mixed Enchanted Blue and Ushabti bone for the make-up, but I switched to purple (mixed with Ushabti bone) for some reason I can’t quite recall. Both colours worked nicely, but the layering and “clean-ups” made the paint-job too thick to be perfect. It’s not bad, but next time I’ll stick to whatever I picked first.

Sorceress - finished

I really like the model.. It was very fun to paint, and very rewarding at that. I’m happy with the result, but also feel that some practice could really help.

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