Break the internet! Age of Sigmar.

Break the internet - Age of Sigmar

Break the internet – Age of Sigmar

Ladies and Gentlemen! Age of sigmar has arrived, and Furnace of Arcana is joining the bandwagon!

Kim Kardashian did not break the internet. Age of Sigmar did!






New rules! No review yet!

Age of sigmar comes on four pages only, and so it didn’t take the internet rule mongerers to inspect the game. Nor to fire a barrage of criticism and attempts to break the game.

I won’t be delving into a long discussion of the game. I risk making it longer than the actual rules! Besides, there are plenty of opinions flying around.

Where is Furnace of Arcana going?

Our small Warhammer group is intrigued but not yet convinced. Dourin, Dimetrius and myself have all dived into the starter kit, and begun painting our models. We’ve had a few games already and I can say they were fun!

But were they convincing enough to abandon the old armies and WFB book? Not yet. So we expect to continue as a blog for WFB and AoS, as far as logistics and time permit us.

I will certainly be spamming the blog again with updates of paint work and whatever content I can produce.

Our cold ones can fly now!

Along with the rules, GW released warscrolls for the entire existing miniature range, including Dark Elves. I couldn’t resist having a peek and noticed that, much like the model itself, there is no warscroll for a tyrant/dreadlord on pegasus.

They fixed it with a “substitute” warscroll. We are to use the warscroll of the dreadlord on cold one, with the only addition that this model can now fly. I guess they finally updated their dinosaurs to have feathers after all.

Flying cold one

Flying cold one

There is little reason to be upset though: dinosaurs actually had feathers and a fair few of them had wings. That’s closer to a flying monster than a horse ever managed.

The new Sigmarines are crazy like a fool.

Quite like Daddy Cool!

I couldn’t help but think the song and the model made a perfect combination.


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