Turning the shield wall into a killing machine

What goes before

It’s no secret that 8th edition favours huge blocks of troops and this goes double for Dwarfs. With our high toughness and high leadership, even lowly warriors have always had a lot of staying power in combat. Sadly, our low initiative means that even if we find ourselves getting off a charge, we still don’t get to strike first as combats are resolved in initiative order. Most Dwarf Generals have therefor found themselves make peace with the way combat works and have ditched Shields for Great Weapons. With the step up rule, we’ll be using bodies anyway so the extra little bit of protection from the shield is outperformed by the killing power of the great weapon. Great swatches of enemies are now piled up around GW wielding dwarf troops. At least, that’s the theory…

Getting it to look right

┬áTheory, schmeory. What matters most, absolutely most, 100% of the time is how good your little dudes look on the battlefield. So, the first principle of miniature warfare is: make your mini’s look good, or at least make them look the part. It’s a well known fact that dice favour painted mini’s, don’t you know?

Since I started late in 6th edition my first models where the so-called “gorrillaback” plastics. I have about 100 or so of these guys, 40 with shields, 13 or so with crossbows and the rest with either a standard or with great weapons, standing in for either gw troops or rangers. With GW’s become unbelievably more useful, I found myself in need of more models with them. But, as a fan of a coherent looking army, I was reluctant to mix up the 6th edition and the 7th edition plastics. The difference in style between the two is too big (and not in an old style marauder-dwarf model kind of way which I find to be very acceptable) for me to be happy with it. So, only one solution presented itself: convert all my 6th edition plastics to two horde blocks of 40 GW’s. Two big blocks of great axe wielding Dawi is a thing of killing beauty. And if I feel the need to field shield dwarfs again (for example a new dwarf army book…?) I’ll stick to the 7th edition plastic ones.

The hard work

First thing I had to do was separate the shields from the dwarfs. Problem is, these old plastics don’t have the ball-hole kind of connection between torso and arm, rather a flat surface so putting to much pressure on these shields resulted in more then a few arms that got removed, not counting the hands that broke of.

Shield Dwarfs in various states of deconstruction

Bad quality pic: Shield Dwarfs in various states of deconstruction

As you can see, not only did some of the shields take of the hands holding them, or did some of the arms come with as well, the bases themselves broke of. I decided to use this and rather then try and repair it, I removed all of the mini’s from their base, removed the basing (which was rudimentary anyway) and prepared to do the ultimate miniature make over.

So I find myself now with 40 baseless dwarfs, ready to get new bases, new weapons and perhaps even a new or updated paintjob. Updates as they so stay tuned.

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  1. Silly D, no they won’t be cross-dressers. Also, if they were they would look frightening indeed, more than enough reason to break out the Banner of Fear. ­čśë

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