A wild Asur appears!

Greetings, loyal readers of this wonderful Furnace of Arcane Delights! My name is Dimetrius, new contributor to this blog. That Khaine-accursed degenerate spawn of Nagaroth Daeron and that beer-soaked hairy-beyond-reason good for nothing stump of a Dwarf Dourin were gracious enough to offer me a little spot on this blog in order to share my perspective on that loveable pastime we call Warhammer.

In character hilarity aside, allow me to present my Warhammer pedigree if you will to give you an answer to that all important and oft-asked question : “Who the hell are you, and what are you doing here?”. I stumbled across Warhammer in 1998. It was a simpler time, when the bases were Goblin Green and the spear shafts were Blood Red. When visiting an acquaintance of my father’s I first noticed these curious but oh so enticing little metal men being painted. I was intrigued. During that same year the PC game “Dark Omen” was released, which I enjoyed immensely, and serendipitously the first GW store in the country had just opened close to were we went to go buy the game. A few months later I had spent all my pocket money on the 5th edition starter box, got yelled at for doing so, and that was that.

My first real army was Empire, used mainly during 5th and 6th edition. The majority of my games were played during my university years, where I met the other two fine gentlemen that populate this blog. Somewhere along the way my interests shifted away from humans with guns to elves with fabulous fashion sense High Elves. Life happened and although I still followed the hobby from across the interwebs, my active participation in it ceased. Around the time 8th edition released I resolved to get into the game again, which fortunately was around the time that several of my old-time gaming buddies became more active as well.

So where does that leave us? In my case, with a lot of unpainted plastic that I will attempt to mould into that High Elf army I’ve always wanted. Expect painting updates, meditations on list building, the odd book review and perhaps some 40k related content if I truly run out of things to say about Fantasy, which I doubt will be the case. Thank you for bearing with my long-winded introduction, and may Asuryan light your path and Isha calm your soul.

Oh I almost forgot… because we are on the internet after all, here is a funny picture that is vaguely relevant to the topic at hand.

I’m not sure that bucket emptying in the toilet is big enough to be realistic

2 thoughts on “A wild Asur appears!

  1. Oh yeah! Empire!

    Why is it that, everytime you field High Elves I still go “Wait.. isn’t he playing Empire?” but everytime you mention your Empire I go “Oh yeah! He used to play Empire!”?
    I could ponder on that question for some time… OR… I could focus on killing my misguided brethren! Bow to the true King of the Elves and thou shalt be granted a swift death!

    Welcome aboard Dimetrius. This is where the players of Furnace belong ­čÖé

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