Turning the shield wall into a killing machine 3

Picking up where we last left of.

I’ve steadily been working on my little spiky death machine horde unit. Working with an assembly line sure is efficient – there is something to be said of repeating the same task over and over and over and over and over –  but by Grungni is it boring.

There are various different things that need to be done though. The 40 strong unit was originally  made up of two different units both with subtle differences with regards to how they were painted. The first 20 are the very first models I ever painted so they are (or were) poorly highlighted,  amongst other things as I started painted for the first time. The later unit or units were painted with more experience and in a more uniform style which forms the basis for how I’m painting them now.

Without further ado:

Things done so far:

– All the weapons have been painted and some rough highlights have already been painted.

– Most if not all of the helmets are now painted Dark Angels green.

– The leather banding is in the process of being highlighted as well.

– The standard is painted and I like the way it has turned out. I had tried doing something with a lot of colours, painting it green and yellow for a dash of contrast but I ended up not liking it. So the golds are back in. Some trusty flesh wash over it and voila, a reddish gold, the same reddish gold that I’ve used for almost all of my golds. It makes for a very warm colour and I quite like it.

A very warm reddish gold for the throne.

But in the process I’ve used the purple wash (of which the name currently escapes me) with my silvers in combination with some standard badab black. Chainmail base followed by badab black and a mithril silver highlight with a purple wash. The result is quite nice.

I do have a question: Should I go extremer on the highlights on the leather banding?

As it stands, I’m in the finishing up stage… which tends to be drawn out since with every stage there’s another possibility of making mistakes that need to be touched up and for about 40 miniatures there are a of things that need to be touched up. After that, I only need to do the basing. That might take a while though since I’m looking into different options and I’d like to get the basing right and uniform across my army.

The great weapons horde

Getting there. Progress as I continue.

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