Frakkin toasters!

How’s that for a new year’s welcome! You’re back, and so are we! Happy 2013. I had planned world’s dullest new year’s blog post (just to prove to the High Elf pansies that we differentiate ourselves out of choice). But then.. I had not expected the attack from the evil toasters that tried to annihilate the entire population… of my army box!

Put here for show.

Put here for show.

Unfortunately, this toaster story isn’t as fancy as the famous battlestar gallactica series. Tricia Helfer did not appear come into my mind and vision to… well.. she just didn’t.

Last fryday, I ignorantly took out my army, and put down my army case on the floor. Throughout the battle, I started sweating and wiping my brow from the hardships of concentration. Or so I thought… After a good hour of playing I figured there had to be a heating system running out of control. I decided to look around and wonder were all the heat was coming from only to find an old fashioned  toaster of a heater.

It's still good.. It's still good!

It’s still good.. It’s still good!

Apparently, the local store placed one of the gaming tables near an old electric floor radiator, with heating rods neatly tucked away behind a protective grid. The rods in the radiator were smoking hot, and the protection grid could have grilled meat. Then I noticed my army box was laying on top of it!

There was an odd smell and odd look about the box and I knew things were going bad. I tried to pull my army case away and burned my hand in the process. Molten plastic is really nasty. The side that had been up still looked fine… but the other side of the case, the plastic was all.. well.. look for yourself.

It's still good.. it's still good!

It’s still good.. it’s still good!

It's only the tray.. It's still good, it's still good!

It’s only the tray.. It’s still good, it’s still good!

In panic, I opened the box, heroically neglecting personal safety. A few plastic cards and a movement tray had completely deformed. Horror struck me! With trembling hands I removed the materials, fearing what I’d find inside.

My opponent looked over the table at me with a mixture of sadness and fascination. Actually, I think his fascination got the upper hand. He turned and ran about the store calling out “Look! Look! His entire army is molten!”.

I only kept a bit of the deformed plastic for this picture, but most of the trays and bases are now garbage material.

They're gone...

They’re gone…

All in all, I suppose it could have been worse. Most of my army was out of the box and the tin men seem to have survived the attack… or whit-stood it fairly well. Had they been plastic or the all-expensive resin models, I would have felt a bigger hit on my wallet! I guess I got lucky. But let this be a warning to you all… The toasters.. are out there!

Reconstructed image of the toaster. It looked a bit different.. like a floor radiator.

Reconstructed image of the toaster. It looked a bit different.. like a floor radiator.

3 thoughts on “Frakkin toasters!

  1. Wow, sorry to hear that.

    It does valid your decision to stick with the old metal models. It will take a lot more than that to destroy those.
    Also count yourself lucky you didn’t have any finecast models. Those are a LOT more susceptible to heat than the plastics are.

    • I do consider myself lucky. I was planning to buy a new army carrier, but this is a sad way to say goodbye to my old one. 🙁
      It doesn’t close without a loud snap and bend like it’s about to fall apart. That is partly my fault, I suppose… The case had a bubble on top, blown up like a soufle. It’s by turning it around (heated side up) that the cooling process made it curve the other way, deforming it beyond use.

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