Painting the Bugman’s forum mini

Back in 2011 a few members of the Bugmans Brewery forum (the best virtual brewery this side of the Old World, shameless plug) decided to organise a Grudge Match event at Warhammer World. Two sides, two armies that have repeatedly clashed throughout Warhammer History would fight it out in Nottingham with the winner taking all the glory and the loser all the shame.

Since this was a Brewery initiative, one of the first armies that would participate would be the Dwarfs. Finding an ancestral enemy to fight wasn’t that hard either. Sure, greenskins or skaven made for good choices but nothing epitomised true dwarfish grudgebearing like the War of Vengeance or the War of the Beard. And so the scene was set for a present day recreation of one of the largest battles of the war, the final or 16th Siege of Tor Alessi.

Now, the actual weekend took place in February 2012 (Dwarfs won big time) but that is not the focus of today’s blog post . What is is the fact that under the leadership of BB forum member Alebelly Cragfist, a Dwarf King mini was sculpted, funded by the community, to commemorate this first ever Grudge Match. The entire community participated in the design of the mini. It had to be warhammery enough without infringing on GW copyright. It had to be royal, it had to
Dwarf High Kingscream “I’m the King Baby” loud enough to send the cowardly elves back to Ulthuan. In the end, it was mostly Baruke Splintersteel, another forum member, whose concept art was used.

John Pickford, the sculpter, had an absolute field day with this. Het met our expectations and then went so far beyond them that the final product almost seemed as if the mini had just popped of the page.

I present to you, the Bugmans Brewery Commerative Minitiaure 2012: IMG_2144

I bought three of these guys. Since this is a one off and the run was limited to about 300 mini’s, it’s best to stock up since there won’t be any more.

As for painting this guy, I’ve decided to paint two of these at the same time, one with a black undercoat and one with a white one. I might try and do some subtle converting with this guy but since I still have a lot of extra bits as well, dragon helms, visors, extra shoulder padding etc I afraid of overloading him with too much detail.

I’ll also be entering this guy in this months Bugmans Brewery painting competition so that should keep me motivated to finish this guy as soon as possible.

Until next time with some progress!

7 thoughts on “Painting the Bugman’s forum mini

  1. Just the fact that we were able to come together as a community and get this not only funded but make enough of a surplus to fund an additional model was awesome. Many thanks to Matt Alebelly for the work he put into it. 🙂

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