Finished the Bugmans Mini!

And finished! A short post today with the finished mini. Like I posted last time, I entered this guy into the January painting competition and got some very nice feedback. Here he is in all his glory, after the break.

Painting this guy was an absolute blast. The amount of detail on this mini is just unbelievable. John Pickford, sir, my hat of you! If Games Workshop took a hint from this guy I would be over the moon. From the ancestor-face vambraces, to the cloak , all the detail on this guy made this a dream to paint. To everyone who got one of the 300 mini’s that were made, I wish you nothing but joy. Now paint it already!


2013-01-29 00.39.27

2013-01-29 00.42.04

2013-01-29 00.39.38

2013-01-29 00.40.23



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