Painting the Dread Fleet

dreadfleet-review-gameplay-impressions-05 Ahoy ya landlubbers, scallywags and other seabound no gooders! It’s time to break out the painting brushes once again but this time we’ll be painting the contents of the Dread Fleet box, the standalone sea combat game that Games Workshop released a few years ago.

I’ve always been partial to the man o’war game. Although I never got around to playing it, mainly due to a lack of players in my area when I was just little beardling, I liked the rules and the models a lot. With the release of Dreadfleet, I quickly preordered my copy. Sadly, as with most of these kind of things, it ends up collecting dust somewhere (that reminds me, I should find my Battlefleet Gothic box as well and finish painting all those ships). In any case, I’ve decided that next weekend I’ll finally give playing this a try. Therefor, it’s high time (dare I say, high tide? Ok, I’ll stop now) I started painting!

First up, the Shadewraith. Captained by Vangheist, this spectral ship was simple to paint yet the result was pretty good. The undercoat of Astronomicon Grey covered the model flawlessly. The old, first generation foundation paints are still topnotch.

2013-03-11 00.25.20

A wash of Thraka Green worked miracles: the model itself has so much details and the sails seem to billow in the wind, allowing the wash to settle in the lower parts and recesses of the sails and the hull, giving the model an ethereal look. The green also contrasts nicely with the blue of the water.

2013-03-11 01.29.37

Finally, a 1:1 Thraka Green/Scorpion Green was on random spots on the hull and sails, combined with a Skull White highlight finished it off. Seaweed was picked up in brown and received a badab black wash as well.

2013-03-11 10.33.15

Very easy to paint but what joy! The amount of detail on these models is just stunning. And as Dwarf player and collector, anything larger than a Dwarf is always fun to paint. Next up, Grimnir’s Fury!


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  1. Gah! I made a deal with myself not to start painting that set until I get a WHFB army ready but your post really makes me want open that box again.

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