itunesThe imminent release of the new High Elves and a new job have somewhat stalled my hobby progress over the last few weeks. I did some assembly work, and tested some more colour schemes, but not there really isn’t anything worth blogging about. My main Warhammer fix has come from listening to podcasts, so what can I write about?

Wait a minute….

Podcasting is a new addition to my Warhammer experience, and something that only came along in my “second” Warhammer life that started somewhere at the beginning of the current decade. I got introduced to the medium by listening to World of Warcraft related podcasts, and got quite into it, so when I discovered that there was a growing Warhammer podcasting community out there I was ecstatic. I generally try out different things as they come along, but lately my podcast rotation has stabilised somewhat and the ones that I’m left with I really consider worth listening to. Here’s what you can find in my iTunes library at this moment:

Bad Dice

Bad Dice has become a institution in of itself. The show is well put together and has a collection of hosts that work really hard to deliver amazing content every week. Mainly focussed on the UK tournament scene (which is a great topic regardless of where you are), there are few aspects of the hobby that they do not cover. Their armybook reviews are great, and do yourself a favour and go and look for their “Lores of Magic” review series, which are not only hilarious but extremely informative. As an added bonus, Ben Curry publishes a 15 minute daily podcast where you can get your daily fix of Warhammer with bite-sized chunks of content. They are also currently working hard on their YouTube channel were you can find a number of videos made recently.

The Dwellers Below

A rather recent edition to the list, this Australian podcast is characterised by high production values and a collection of very entertaining hosts. It is a bit on the raunchier side so if you do not care for that type of humour it might not be for you, but it’s still rather tame compared to some of the other stuff out there. These guys know their Warhammmer and know how to put together a great show. Highly recommended.


Garagehammer brings us the US Midwest perspective, with their pitch being “Warhammer for the rest of us”. In the beginning, when most podcasts were heavily geared towards to more competitive player, Garagehammer tried to be all about that what the majority of us do, namely play together with a bunch of friends at our homes or local venues and just have a good time. Dave spends a lot of time on editing the show, and it shows since their production values can stand up to any radio show or podcast out there, even outside of Warhammer land. A number of amusing memes  emerged from here, so if you want to know why “back back back back” is a thing or why Skip Stephenson is a Warhammer celebrity, listen to the show! Great topics every fortnight and lots of humour.


HeelanHammer just came back from hiatus and together with The Bad Dice they form the formidable duo of UK tournament podcasts. Dan Heelan and Wayne Kemp run the largest UK event, the South Coast GT, and always have great perspectives on Warhammer in general and the things happening in the UK in particular. Both hosts complement each other well, Heelan being more of a competitive player while Kemp is a dedicated hobbyist. I just finished listening to the first episode out after the hiatus and the show is as fresh as ever.

Jaded Gamercast

Two grumpy ex-GW employees from the frozen North that is Canada. Picture two old farts drinking booze while they bitch about Warhammer and wargaming in general, and it gives you an idea of what to expect. Amusingly, they are entertaining enough that this doesn’t make the show a very negative thing to listen to, which is refreshing in an age where “Internet Warhammer” is a very cynical thing. Crude humour ahead though, so it might not be for everyone. They also cover other gaming systems like 40k, Strange Aeons and Firestorm Armada occasionally.

6 Dice Monkeys

This is my latest UK find. Production values aren’t the best (yet) but the show more than makes up for it by providing a lot of in-depth information. Their army book reviews are very thorough and contain massive amounts of useful information, so I would recommend this to anyone trying to keep up with what’s out there ruleswise.

So there you have it. There are a number of other shows out there, honourable mention goes to Pointhammered, Painting Tabled, Chumphammer and the Black Sun Podcast. You might want to check them out as well, although personally they haven’t been able to keep my interest. Seeing as there are only so many hours in a week, and that I have other interests as well, they didn’t make the list, but you should check them out nonetheless.

So there you have it boys & girls. Next time we meet, I hope to have an opinion on the new High Elves book. See you then!

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  1. I don’t think I’ve tried all of those yet, or haven’t listened to some for quite a while. I’ll try some out. I’m listening to the 6-dice monkeys and quite like their Daemons review so far, but they really get into technical details at a high pace… I think I’ll need to listen to it again at home with book in hand.

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