Into The Expanse We Go

I have a confession to make. Lately I haven’t been as busy with warhammer as I had thought I would be. It’s not for a lack of projects, by Grungni, no! I still have my Thunderbarge to finish – project has been stalled due to design issues, more on that in a later blogpost -, I have a Forgeworld Carmine Dragon to paint (in fact I have two of those), a newly bought Cockatrice, a zombie dragon I promised to paint for a friend of mine… So many projects, so little time.

And on top of that, I’ve been making incursions into another… sector would be the correct word. More to the point, I’ve been enamored by Rogue Trader, the rpg by Fantasy Flight, the same company that has released Dark Heresy (taken over from Black Industries), Only War, Black Crusade and Deathwatch. I bought the book at one of my local game stores and immediately fell in love with the setting. I mean, the very idea that you get to control a frigging SPACE SHIP and just aim it and go wherever you like. I practically started drooling. Ok, there I said it. Perhaps a modest amount of paper towels were needed to clean up the mess. Perhaps even a change of pants.

Into the unknown!

Into the unknown!

Onto the setting. The region of space where Rogue Trader takes place is called the Koronus Expanse. Rogue Traders traditionally operate on the fringes of known Imperial space, beyond which their word is equal to the word of the God-Emperor Himself, bringing the light of civilization to the outer stars. From his throne on the bridge of his spaceship, the Rogue Trader travels through known and unknown space, searching for trade opportunities and ways to enrich himself and his crew and in doing so, make a name for himself and his dynasty. Sound awesome or what?

Anyway, never having been someone to do things by half, I immediately started writing down everything I would need. Rulebook? Check. Dice? Check. Paper and pen? Check? Players? … euh, hold on. Miniatures? Hmm, where did I leave my Battlefleet Gothic set? Perhaps I could use some more preparation. Or just more models.

I headed over to Games Workshop and ordered a few bits and bobs, mainly the rogue trader models (kind of an obvious choice) and the system ships. Since my first adventure with my new players, when I find them, will probably involve orks at one point or other, I headed over to ebay. One kroozer later I thought I would be more or less prepared for the beginning adventure. Alas, alas, bad news! Games Workshop decided to no longer continue their specialist games range. A few hasty, dare I say panicky sales later – I even called Forgeworld’s customer support to order by phone – and I should have enough models, ebay providing the rest, to at least be able to field an appropriate model when we get to the spaceship combat (SPACESHIP COMBAT!!!).

Void Warfare

So as it stands so far, I have ordered quite a few models. Perhaps more then a few. Alright, a few too many. Ah well, I’ll be painting them as soon as possible, together with some scratchbuilt models, spacestations, ork roks etc. One thing I’m also looking into is creating a laminated space map with a grid to feature as the space map. Time to brush up on my photoshop/GIMP skills. As if I didn’t have enough things to do. But anyway, the plan is set, the planets are in motion, the Navigator is opening his Warp Eye and we’ve plotted a course. Into the Koronus Expanse we venture!

A good map is indispensible!

A good map is indispensible!

More to come!


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