Battlefleet Gothic: Cruiser Squadron ready

A (not as) quick (a) post: My first ships that so far have been updated.

Originally, years back when I bought the BFG boxed set, I went with the simple green and of-white colour scheme from the rulebook. It looked pretty good and easy to do and some simple drybrushing later, I had the workings of a decent starter fleet. Although I did give the game a try and liked it, I was focusing more on warhammer fantasy and the game started to gather dust. Now, years later with my new interest in Rogue Trader, my love for spaceship combat has been rekindled as well.

The paint jobs weren’t that bad considering, but I thought that with a bit more time invested in them, I could make them stand out even more. To that end, I’ve painted the plasma exhaust (going with some Object Source Lighting), the macro batteries have been painted gold as well to tie in better with the prow, and the bridge and various other bits and bops have received some touch ups. The Mars Class Battlecruiser (the all green one) has some painted windows on the bridge and around the keel.

I present to you, Mars Class Battlecruiser, the Count Teraxis, and the Lunar Class Cruiser, the Triumph of Faith.


Cruiser Squadron Penumbra

Cruiser Squadron Penumbra


2013-07-18 21.34.32

Cruisers Triumph of Faith and Count Teraxis, after their ‘refit’.

2013-07-18 21.39.01

Plasma exhaust of both cruisers

More progress as it happens.

Note: I’ve updated this blogpost, the previous incarnation was written a bit too hastily.

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