Battlefleet Gothic: Rogue Traders

Some more progress on the BFG/RT front. a2bd6a14cea5b1386c7522badc4d684aI’ve started painted a few of the civilian ships to model as Rogue Trader ships and/or system defense ships. For these models, I went for the Koronus Expanse look ie the red prow with gold trimmings and a purple/grey body. I mainly based it on this piece of artwork. I really liked the fact that, although it is clearly based on a military ship, it has been extensively converted, rebuilt and redesigned to function as a Rogue Trader’s flag ship.



For the Rogue Trader ship, the Expansive Commerce, which is based on a Cobra Destroyer hull, an escort size ship, I went with a nice purple which would complement with the blue from the windows. The windows were a pain to get right. I’m not sure if it shows well enough on those pictures but I tried to give them a sense of depth by using the techniques usually used for painting gemstones.

2013-06-14 11.04.56 2013-06-14 11.05.17


For the Transport, The Gulf of Arjoun, I went for grey with gold trimmings. And as with the cruisers, for both ships, I tried some blue-fading-into-white Object Source Lighting for the plasma exhausts:


2013-06-14 10.48.41 2013-06-14 10.48.54


I’m not yet one hundred percent sold on the current state of the transport, it feels as if something is missing. I might have to revisit it at a later stage.

More progress as it happens!

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