Battlefleet Gothic: The Mechanicus Arrive!

Another update: I’ve (almost) completed my Adeptus Mechanicus Cruiser. I went with the standard painting scheme, the AdMech are suckers for standardisation… and if you don’t buy that argument I’m sure I’ll come up with another one. In any case, I consider this to be tabletop ready although i could benefit from detailling. I’ll have to see how far I’m willing to take this but at the moment, I’m happy with it.


2013-08-14 17.04.572013-08-14 17.04.50


More progress as it happens!

4 thoughts on “Battlefleet Gothic: The Mechanicus Arrive!

    • Exactly! Even so, I’ve ordered a few bits and pieces that should allow me to add either more detail, more conversions or perhaps a bit of both to some future ships. I have a plan which will include building even more ships but it’s all for a good cause. ­čśŤ

  1. Where do people still play BFG btw? It doesnt get much publishment anymore in GW’ White Dwarf. I still remember this game being brand new somewhere at the start of 2000..

    • People don’t, to be honest. Their sales have been discontinued as of March/April 2013 and even up till then they were simply selling their surplus stock. I’m in it for the eventual oneshot or tie-in with some 40k campaign (note to self, start building that 40k army) but for now I just do it for the models themselves and their eventual use in my Rogue Trader campaigns.

      I might have found a mate near where I live that also plays BFG so I might do a battle report, stressing the ‘might’ here.

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