The Dark Elves are coming!

And they are coming for your soul! They bring monsters, sea creatures, peg legs, crazed women, arena fighters, monowheel chariots and more! The one thing they don’t bring is pizza. So let’s have a look at what is known and official.

New warrior models

The warriors are rumored to have increased by 2 points, and no longer to come without shield. An increase in cost was to be expected, but at 2 points per model, one can only wonder what rules they have gained to compensate.

DarkSpearsRumors speak of rerolls of 1’s on the wound, and always strike first. Unfortunately, this wouldn’t make then 28% more effective, so point for point they probably have taken quite a hit.

The models themselves look great however. I’m not entirely sold on the fallus helmets but lets list the points of improvement here:

  • Cloaks, something few brave modelers have dared adding to the old warriors. The addition of cloaks allows more surface to add in the army’s color theme, or style, and so more conversion options become available.
  • Improved armor details, in particular on the pauldrons. This is a very welcome change. I liked the old models, but we were hard pressed to bring in more detail. The army book and elite painters revealed ways to highlight edges in colors contradicting the rest of the body, in a desperate attempt to bring in more detail. The old models looked good, by old standards. This really helps them into the new era of high quality models.
  • The rim on the chainmail. This is another little bonus I’m fond of. The old chainmails would often be rimmed with gold to add more detail to the model. I’m glad to see this added.
  • More detail on the face. Now I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, I always felt “core” should look “core”, and thus it didn’t bother me to see the helmets lack any sense of personality. The new models look better in pretty much every aspect of the face, but they also look harder to paint. It might make for a very nice looking army, but it will increase the effort required to make it presentable and look consistent.
  • Improved banner, because we didn’t like the two strips of toilet paper before.
  • Smaller hands, because they had become a running joke on the old spearmen.
  • “Different” repeater crossbows. They don’t look ‘better’ in my opinion, but they do look more elfish. It fits the new model well.
  • Sword and board configuration. This is an interesting change. We had the option to choose our weapon in 6th edition. We lost it in 8th edition. Now they bring it back through a different unit, labeled “bleakswords” in 8th edition. I’m not convinced this is a sensible configuration just yet. It might make a better anvil, but I fear it will be less flexible.

Aside from the model changes, we can see another important change: the pricing. At 25 euros per 10 models, they have become more expensive than the Corsairs. This is a first since I started playing this game. I wonder how this will impact the preference of people to field them, over Corsairs. In the previous army book, the warriors had a clear bonus from being cheap in the game and on the wallet. Now, with the rumored point increase and price increase, they might take a serious hit in presence on the field.

Witch Elves as Core, Sisters of Slaughter as rare

Witch ElvesNew model, new rules. Dear lord! My temple of Khaine theme will finally made real. Witch elves can come in as core, with a new plastic model. They are expensive, but come in a little cheaper than they did in the finecast models. The new models look “fine”. I feel they have a bit of odd poses, but I’m grateful they kept the look vicious, murderous and fanatical.

I have a horde on preorder. These girls will be filling the graveyards with corpses. If not their foes, then their own pale-skinned kin.

The major impact from these new models will be felt in the game. With a Khaine unit as core, the temple of Khaine can finally make an exclusive or nigh exclusive theme. Additionally, this puts a specialized combat unit in core, which may prove a boost on the army’s powerlevel. However, being extremely specialized, this may also pigeon hole the Dark Elves into a single type of enemy they can handle well.

The Sisters of Slaughter finish the model range for the Khaines in the rare slot. While they are rumored not to be associated with Khaine, they do look the role.

New Hydra.. and Kharibdyss in special!

Image by Games Workshop

Image by Games Workshop

I love the torso, less so the heads. But I’m guessing a few touchups with paint and green stuff can make this exactly as we want it. The hydra moved to special. This could be a cause for concern for the opponent, but rumors do talk about a significant nerf. A nerf was to be expected, but I’ll wait till I read the details to be sure.

It opens up the road to a monster mash army, provided we have viable monster mounts in the character slots. Rumors speak of beastmasters aiding such a monster mash list. This could bring an interesting variety to the army, which could lure more players to start Dark Elves.. or seduce experienced Dark Elves to try something new within the same army.

The addition of the Kharibdyss will add variety to the style but it might boil down to “which one is best”. Let’s hope they are well balanced, and might bring up a more interesting conclusion than “A beats B”. By the looks of it, at least one of these monsters will be in rare and one will be special. My bet is on the hydra becoming special.

Harpies went Special

Considering we may have Witch Elves in core, this might become an affordable tradeoff. Unfortunately, rumors speak of an increase to 15 points per model. That means a 5 model unit comes at 75 points. In our old book, this would be a definite killer on the unit. It gives us every reason to be skeptical, but it might just mean the unit has improved stats. Not even rumors seem to give a definite answer on them though.

Cauldron of blood and Bloodwrack Shrine

Image from Games Workshop

Image from Games Workshop

Not only do we get a new model but also an alternative version of it. They come with the same kit, which presents interesting conversion or modular construction options.

It’s rumored to be expensive, but I love the model so much that I ordered one straight away. Let’s pray the rules don’t make me regret it 🙂

I’m really considering going for a temple of Khaine theme. The only point of confusion I’m left with is that the “one click buy” Temple of Khaine proves more expensive than the individual boxes. Whut? Well I ordered the boxes individually. Blood for the blood god!


2 thoughts on “The Dark Elves are coming!

  1. Blood for the blood god? Since when did you switch to khorne? 🙂

    All kidding aside, the models do look pretty good. I bought the cauldron and the new book on saturday. It’s challenging to put together, the witch elves especially, but its a kickass model. With my two battalion boxes and a few other boxes as well i should be able to field a decent army. We should try it out sometime. 🙂

  2. Khaine is the bloody handed god. Khorne collects skulls. I sense heresy at play here.

    I heard you bought the cauldron saturday… The store clerk apologised for selling you the one he had ordered for me, since I told “it wasn’t urgent as long as I got the book in time”.

    I was fine with it, until I heard he sold it to you! Devils be damned! I’ll never hear the end of it.

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