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As my history will once be the subject of school books, I decided to give our readers a head start by going over a few moments in my limited, and yet not so brief history with Warhammer. We mark this era as the time when 6th ed Warhammer Fantasy Battles was brand new.

The bad start

It sounds like a familiar story: people get gripped by the game, buy a few items, and a few setbacks in the game or the financial demands people’s interest dies out. I started in a similar fashion. I made the call to start my own army, whilst being on a limited budget. With the BRB and the army book, I hit a phenomenal cost before even acquiring my first model. The financial drain slowed my acquisition of my army. The picture on the right shows my army after three months into the hobby.

My inexistant Warhammer Army

My inexistant Warhammer Army

The financial weight of the hobby drove me to perfectionism: waste was unaffordable so my aims became unrealistically high. After a year, I had an army background, colour scheme, painting techniques, character names… and painted only 4 models total. I hadn’t played the game once, as I lacked the models. And slowly, the hobby was being pushed into the background.

Paper wars!

When more players found their way to us (Hey Dourin! *wave*), we grouped up weekly for the game. Practical and financial challenges were looming about to put a stop to our youthful enthusiasm but with our superior minds, we outwitted those challenges! Behold below, the mighty sprues from which we made armies of legendary power!

Paperhammer equipment

It’s nothing to be proud off… But it got us on our way!

We printed out 20mm and 25mm bases, cutting out units in the desired formations. With a brand new 2000 points army costing only a few cents, we had the means to play the game. We even nicked chalks and borrowed tables from the classrooms to draw the battlefields. Gnarled woods, rivers, ponds, world’s tallest mountains and world’s deepest chasm: we had it all with the twist of a crayon! And the armies were easy to transport too, right between the army book’s pages.

It was awesome for the game… and awful for the hobby. Slowly, we acquired our armies and got into the game properly, up until our graduation.

The return!

Graduation took us different ways for a while, but we found our way back. The past taught me some pitfalls of the hobby so I came prepared. I made a financial plan and manage the hobby around “1 hour per evening, during weeks”. I have plans for terrain, models, extras, always keeping it focused around a strict time frame and regulated budget.

I did lack a monthly painting plan at first, but when I heard of the 200pts Painting Club at the site (thanks to the reference from Bad Dice Podcast), I joined it and made that plan.

Long story short: I’m back! Better than ever. And this time, I will be taking prisoners. For the altars of Khaine!

5 thoughts on “Back into the game

  1. Ha, didn’t think you’d actually start right at the very beginning. 🙂 Good one, fun to read and good memories associated with it. The mathematically impossible Gyrocopter still surviving still remains one of my favourite moments in the game so far. 😉

  2. I think the Dwarf in that Gyrocopter used the wood from the bolts I shot at it to fix the machine mid-air. The mathematical horrors I was forced to witness were what pushed me to go for a Cold One Knight bus, to abuse the “fear + outnumer = autobreak” rule (6th ed rule) and take math out of the equation (see what I did there?). I had to sacrifice two big units of infantry as a diversion just to get them close by.

    Ohh.. how bad the Dark Elves had it those days. I think my most killy infantry had an average kill score against Dwarves of 1 kill per round… 🙂

    We did have good times.

    • Dear Khaine! The first comment from a Warhammer celebrity on our not-humble-enough blog! Thank you Ben. We’ll do our best. We do plan to stick around for a while 🙂

  3. Ive also started that 1 hour a day paint time and its very motivating. Once youve picked up the brush the ‘goesting’ will be there most of the time… And if it’s not, its only an hour and your progress will keep steady.

    Keep up the good work and if there’s gotta be an evil overlord enslaving the world, i dont seem noone fitter than you for the job!

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