Back with Looott!!



I’m getting back into the hobby and what better to spark the flame of the hobby with new loot? Two weeks back, the local gaming store called to say my order arrived. That is my new year’s order… And so my late Christmas present finally arrived! I put on some extra sail and went straight for the shop! I was delayed for two weeks due to commitments to my family. But then I went straight for the shop!

The overview



Behold the loot from pillaging my last year’s savings. As my family keeps me tightly locked in the house, I find myself with a renewed building frenzy for the hobby. The slow pace of my painting prevented me from actually building the models and playing the game. So, I decided to put the painting on hold for the time being and work on completing the army first.

The tools:

  • 1 Cauldron of Blood, hoping to yield me a spare medusa.
  • 1 Bloodwrack Shrine, though I’d like to make this one generic enough so it could function as a cauldron of blood as well. It should yield me a spare helebron.
  • 30 Executioners. I loved the 6th edition models, but I quickly learned I far prefer plastic over metal. Besides, the new models look great too.
  • 10 more Witch Elves. I had bought 20. Now I’ll be at 30. 30 is still a magic number, though the cauldron of blood also makes multiples of 7 a magic number with 28 probably being the most interesting of all.
  • 1 Scourgerunner Chariot. I’m actually not convinced I’ll be using this one soon, but I like the model and there’s an experiment I want to try. The kit should include two cold ones. I still have some metal chariots from 6th edition. I’d like to combine the spare cold ones with the metal chariots.
  • 2 units of 5 Warlocks. I doubt I’ll need more unless I want a Warlock deathstar unit.

Future expansions will more likely be to complete the model collection or fill in specific themes for the army. But for the first time I’m getting the feeling I’ve more or less completed the army. And it is invigorating!

Building pace


I struggle to find a correct pace with the hobby. Commitments and fixed goals help me as much as they burn me up. If I follow what I feel like doing, I tend to loose track of the hobby too often to keep up an enjoyable rate of expansion. Naturally, I try to find a new approach every time I pick up the hobby again to see which one works best.

This time, I take on a project by project approach. A project could be a single unit, a single model or anything I would like to put on the table. For example a monster or a small unit. The aim is to keep it small so a project can be accomplished in a day or two, perhaps three. The goal is to match the duration of the project to the duration of that ‘magical spark of joy’ everyone gets when working on a new project. A few days is all I dare expect.

The basis for selecting projects is the joy of the hobby, rather than the gamey ‘need this’-basis. Maybe this time, I’ll get farther than the previous attempts. Not whit standing, my previous building frenzy handed me 50-some rank and file models!

My first picks

Image by Games Workshop

Image by Games Workshop

The first pick… a Hydra. I just looked at the box and felt like building something big. A single model that would bring me joy to see the end result. I’ll report on the model in a future post.

My second pick is probably the Executioners. I really like the look of those models and I would love to bring them to the table. I’ll start with a modest number though. I don’t want to burn up on the tedious repetition.

Till next time!

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