I’m back! Now what?

I wanted a good idea to start an army.

I tried various things in the past. None sticked. Somehow I was not able to find that one “spark” that allowed me to get emotionally invested in, let’s face it, an expensive and time-consuming pursuit.


When “Uniforms & Heraldry of The High Elves” came out I grabbed it right away. I might be somewhat of a closeted historical wargamer, since having a “realistic” army appealed to me. Instead of limiting myself to one of the main Kingdoms, the books allows for one of the main “gates”, which are huge city-sized fortresses that can be found in the Annulii mountains. I settled on the Phoenix Gate (hence the name of the blog!). Here’s what the book has to say about it:

“The Phoenix Gate was well named, for over the course of its existence it has been reduced to rubble and rebuilt on several occasions. ”

“A great many of the Phoenix Gate’s soldiers are drawn from the Kingdom of Eataine, and they simply assume such woes to be part of Asuryan’s ineffable plan.”

“The archers of the Phoenix Gate traditionally hail from Caledor and Avelorn, and wear the greens and reds of those realms.”

Sounds good! I had Phoenix Guard, Dragon Princes & Sisters of Avelorn in mind for the backbone of the army, and this will do nicely. The red & gold (with some green details perhaps?) is a colour scheme I have experimented with in the past and looks quite nice. Finally, the grim brotherhood of doomed defenders angle seems really appealing somehow.

The Phoenix Gate it is then!

2 thoughts on “I’m back! Now what?

  1. Oh, this sounds good. Red and gold always look good, and it’s surprisingly diverse. It can define an overall style, and still offer the luxury of freedom to paint every model or unit slightly differently. Just thinking of places where gold and red return as a theme, even in Warhammer, we may find a very long list of styles and not one looks like the other.
    Even among Dark Elves, red is a recurring color, often combined with gold to denote an exalted status. And yet, no two themes are like.
    Red and gold appear very complimentary, permitting combinations with both other compimentary colors … or permitting one more contrasting color like green or blue.

    I look forward to some results!

  2. I’ve looked at many, many ideas online, and I’ve found that High Elves work with basically anything if you tie it together cold “colour”. When using red, it helps if you have enough white in it to distinguish it more from the “evil” looking guys.

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