Moved & internet is back, the next steps.

After moving apartments I have re-established my connection to that most vital fount of human information, the internet.

Being off-line for two weeks wasn’t all that bad though. I spent a few nights just sitting around at my desk, cleaning and assembling models, while listening to (not necessarily Warhammer related) podcasts. Enjoyable and relaxing. The cleaning and assembly is not going as fast as I would like, but it’s moving along, and that’s more than I have been able to say for quite a while.

I did some limited purchasing in the last months. I was able to get a new Island of Blood set on the cheap due to some unfortunate circumstances, and I’ve been looking at my previous IoB stuff with renewed interest. Something I might want to try is a Griffon mounted Noble in small games. Not the most competitive of choices, but a gorgeous figure and probably quite fun to use.

18093_md-Eldar, Farseer, Headquarters, Warhammer 40,000

Very much not painted by me

My choice of colour scheme is converging towards a consensus. I’m sticking with the white/red/gold as the main palette, but the green details might be replaced by purple. Less contrast, but it’s something that elves can pull off, as exemplified by this lovely Farseer painting by anticitizen13 on DakkaDakka. I’m still on the fence though.

So what’s next for me? I’ll keep on assembling. Of my fellow bloggers seems to have acquired a GW Battlemat, and seems keen to try it out. Challenge accepted.

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