I like 1200 points. Here are is my current army idea

Back when I started in 5th edition, 2,000 points was the “standard” army size. Points inflation (both player and GW driven) have made it that 2,400 points (on the EU side of the Atlantic) or 2,500 points (on the other side) have become the norm. Mind you, the average 2,000 point army these days is probably bigger than the 5th edition one already.

In 6th and 7th I felt most at home playing around the 1,500 points mark. In 8th, I have to admit to not playing many larger games, but most enjoyment seemed to come from the 1,200 points size. The game feels a lot more fluid at that size. No huge death stars, and less popular choice seem to be able to influence the game more.

The conclusion is that I have taken it upon myself to quickly paint an army to get some 1,200 point games in. This seems like a good size to do it “quickly”. The date I have set to get it done is my birthday, which is 3 months from now, and seems like a realistic proposition. I have a good selection of stuff to chose from that is assembled, so there are a number of different armies that I’d like to try out.

The list that I currently have in my head is below. It’s nothing special, rather it’s based on my current model selection and what I think I can paint in a reasonable timeframe.

Loremaster: Ogre Blade, Shield of the Merwyrm
+ 14 Phoenix Guard, Full Command
The Phoenix Guard are a nice bunker for the only character, the Loremaster. This guy packs some punch with 3 ASF S6 attacks and a 4+/4++ save. I’ve always felt that the Loremaster is the logical fit for PG, since his buffs/debuffs make their mediocre damage output a lot more scary.

20 Spearmen, Full Command
Nothing special here. I’ve got them assembled and will be painting them since they are quite simple to get some colour on. Honestly I don’t expect much from them except getting some ranks in or poking the occasional T3 infantry with low saves. Or die if required. In a pinch, they can go camp in the Watchtower.

10 Archers
Chaff clearing is what these guys do best. Now that I think about it, I’d rather have two units of 15 Archers as my core, or a smaller unit of Archers and a unit of Silver Helms. My assembling work will probably take that direction soon.

15 Swordmasters, Full Command
I’m not a massive fan of these guys, but I have them ready to be painted and they are not that bad in smaller games. In 2,400 points I would leave them at home, or maybe take a small unit of 7-8 max. Here they can provide some useful threat projection, since they don’t need a lot of survivors to be dangerous, and in smaller games you get less stuff flying around that can squish 15 Elves in a single turn.

Tiranoc Chariot
It’s a squishy chariot. Either the enemy targets it, leaving my more useful units alone, or he doesn’t and it can provide crucial combat res where needed by countercharging in. Again, not something I would consider in bigger games but at this points level it makes some amount of sense.

5 Sisters of Avelorn
I’ve not used these so far. I like the concept, and they seem to be chaff clearers extraordinaire. 5 T3 wounds are easy to get rid off, and I might consider swapping them for a Bolt Thrower, which I suspect is slightly more useful if nothing but for the range. I’m curious to see them in action however.

There you have it, the current list concept. The aim is to complete assembly & basing this week. After that, the speed(ish) painting can commence!

4 thoughts on “I like 1200 points. Here are is my current army idea

  1. It’s a very interesting list and I think the two blocks of archers would perform better indeed. 30 shots at BS 4 is nothing to sneeze at, not for this point size.
    I really like the Loremaster there. It gives a lot of flexibility, making it a suitable all comers list. The incredible thing that High Elf infantry is, is made plain again. The amount of shooting and magic flexibility will put a good pressure on many armies but those combat units need to be weakened before taking them head on. They can really deal some damage. So the feeling I get from the list is that all targets are a high priority. That’s good.

    And yeah, 1200 points is a fun size. Given a few units that are painted and good to go, whatever else you just finished painting can be brought along for flavour and it would “work”. Perhaps not brilliantly, but enough for a fun game. It’s the bane of larger games where a mistake or sub optimal list at the start could set you up for 2 hours of punishment for that. 1.2K permits a quicker rinse and repeat so it’s inviting to just get into the game and try things.

    Oh and… I see your 1200 points list and I’ll raise you with two 1200 point lists. Next time!

    • Hey… I did not mention anything about filth! I was going to bring fluff lists! I have worked out two raiding lists, one land raiders (without an actual land raider) while the other one was a nautical pirate theme.

      But alright. I’ll see how I can manage with them. Maybe I’ll just filth them up.
      *runs off to add muddy effects to the bases and clothes*

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