About the Blog

About Dourin

I’m 28 year old hobbyist and have been collecting, painting and playing Warhammer for quite a while now. I’ve amassed a collection of 7000 points Dwarfs and going strong and have recently branched out to Dark Elves. This blog will help me structure my progress as I expand my armies and learn new painting techniques.

About Daeron

I’m a 31 year old IT Analyst, husband and father. What little time and sanity is left to myself, I dedicate to a relaxing hobby… and now that would be Warhammer. Through the Blog, I’ll share my experiences, plans and work within the hobby.

About Dimetrius

30ish years old, former practicing physicist and currently doing maths in the financial industry. I used to play Empire, but my current focus is High Elves. Part-time dabbler in Warhammer 40k. Loves reading Black Library publications and has an unhealthy interest in Forge World. Tweets occasionally @BDimetrius.

About the blog

The blog will predominantly handle topics such as:

  • Playing the game: tactics, change reviews, battle reports.
  • Working the hobby: painting, building, background.
  • Managing the hobby.
  • Game theory and tricks for the battlefield.
  • Our opinion on things… Because our opinions matter.

Sanity will not be preached here.

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